We develop and market a range of innovative network appliances to protect assets from protocol-based attacks such as ransomware.

Our disruptive, patented architecture provides hardware-based protection against protocol attacks, using our dedicated electronics, without the fear of zero-days.

Our aim is to provide this strong response, derived from the highest-level approaches used in the defense industry, which we have optimized to meet the needs of organizations and companies of all sizes.


Our organization :

  • A team of passionate experts with complementary backgrounds in embedded systems development, cybersecurity, outsourcing of sensitive information systems and knowledge of critical industrial systems.
  • Software development based on best practices and standards
  • In-house assembly and quality control of our equipment
  • Controlling the integrity of our solutions
  • Listening to customers with our integrators for quality support
  • Local support and responsiveness



Billions of euros = Global cost of cybercrime in 2021*.

Millions of cyber-attacks worldwide in 2020** (in millions)

Days required to identify an IT security breach in 2020***.

*Source: Alessandro Profumo - Leonardo CEO

**Source: Arkose Labs study

***Source: IBM Security Report

→ You need a simple, robust, high-performance solution to protect your critical assets, both tangible and intangible, from protocol attacks.

Who we are

ARC Data Shield develops and markets a range of innovative network gateways that enable companies and organizations to secure their assets and intangible assets against protocol attacks.

Our organization is based on 5 principles that we hold dear. We assemble in our workshops. We develop our solutions in-house. We maintain integrity. We listen to our customers. We remain responsive and offer local support.

A product, a story


As part of Industry 4.0, the convergence of IT and OT is redefining the industrial landscape industrial landscape by promoting greater connectivity between systems.

Industrial systems are increasingly exposed to Cyber risks.

Securing the interface between these two domains is becoming imperative to cope with
emerging cybersecurity threats.

Collectively, we see the need for a simple, robust and high-performance solution to protect critical tangible and intangible assets from protocol attacks.

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