Our solutions


A range of secure transfer gateways based on an innovative patented architecture.

Approach based on putting safety first:

  • Native partitioning thanks to its network-independent architecture, ensuring strong partitioning
  • Easily configurable exchange services to meet your needs
  • Optional software modules to meet different integration and service requirements

An architecture designed to provide robust, long-lasting security for companies and organizations of all sizes wishing to secure their sensitive information systems and protect their critical assets.

The benefits of our solution :

Efficiency / Durability / Ease of use


We work alongside our hardware firewall partners, who filter network connection flows. Our aim is to provide THE protection for networked assets:

Our patented architecture provides a high level of security, with simple integration and maintenance at unrivalled cost.

Digital Air Gap PRO One in action


Example of bay integration. Use case :

  • Protecting intangible assets
  • Transfer data backups and system images out of network reach via our Digital Air Gap PRO One gateway


Safety by design

Strongly compartmentalized

Our Digital Air Gap solutions are physical devices that provide strong partitioning and enable data exchanges without establishing communication between networks, thanks to its patented transfer system.

Controlled data exchanges

Our controller, which is an isolated internal module, physically independent of the two networks A and B concerned, takes on two roles:

  • Manage the physical data exchange system.
  • Provide security and control services for data exchanges.

Complementary software services

Our equipment is designed to accept complementary software services to meet additional security needs and different integration requirements: Antivirus, Encryption, Integrity control, etc.

An organization dedicated to quality

  • We launched the to have the core of our solution certified.
  • Our applications are programmed in Rust.
  • We implement an organization with a team of experts in phase with the high level of performance and quality expected.

Our Digital Air Gap PRO ONE

Optimized cost/performance balance

An appliance built around components selected for their efficiency, security and reliability.

A simplified administration interface

An administration port independent of both networks A and B, with a web interface designed for easy configuration.

Independent, unidirectional log output

A one-way Syslog log output to transmit event and action logs performed by the gateway.

Our complementary services

Software service modules

An extensive catalog of optional service modules to meet all your needs and use cases.

Support subscription

  • Access to software updates

  • Support hotline

  • Replacement equipment dispatched within 24 hours

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