Use cases

Need to protect your assets? Digital Air Gap, a strong, durable solution.


Do you see a need for asset protection within your organization? Digital Air Gap is the simple solution that enables you to protect your assets by providing a strong, lasting barrier.

Critical equipment protection

Do you have business-critical physical equipment? Machines essential to the continuity of your business?

A targeted attack on this equipment could have a major impact on your business, even bringing it to a standstill.

You can anticipate this risk simply by installing Digital Air Gap upstream of your equipment.

Our solution provides a partitioning and allows only the exchanges authorized authorized.

Backup protection

Backups are an essential part of your business continuity plan. They enable your systems and data to be quickly restored following a cyber attack.

Your backups contain critical data that could be lost or stolen.

Protecting your backups means limiting your vulnerability to attack. By simply installing Digital Air Gap, you put them beyond reach.

Our solution makes it possibleto take ultimate backups offline and out of reach.

Protecting sensitive networks

You have high value-added departments working with sensitive data. Your R&D departments' information must be kept confidential and protected.

You can provide long-term protection for your sensitive networks by installing our Digital Air Gap appliance at the heart of your information system. Thanks to its hardware partitioning, our solution provides permanent isolation against protocol attacks...

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