"Until now, cybersecurity tools based on Endpoint Detection and Response technology have been a guarantee of protection against computer attacks. Unfortunately, hackers are now finding ways around it.

Last week, experts from the British government's cybersecurity agency sounded the alarm, declaring that the proliferation of hacking tools is out of control. The news proves them right, as it is one of the best cybersecurity tools on the market offered by Microsoft that is gradually being bypassed by hackers.Known as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), this technology is used in high-performance cybersecurity tools. Designed to spot the first signs of malicious activity on all machines serving as endpoints (such as computers) in a computer network, they then block threats before intruders can steal data or lock down machines. ... "


Link to article: https: //www.tomsguide.fr/des-hackeurs-ont-trouve-un-moyen-de-contourner-la-meilleure-technologie-de-cybersecurite-actuelle/

Credit: Antoine BARSACQ - TOM'S GUIDE