"A study by PAC shows that CIOs and CISOs overestimate the IT security maturity of their organizations.

Is it still necessary to stress the importance of IT security in the face of growing cyberthreats? 55% of French companies have been the victim of a cyberattack at least once in the last twelve months, and 30% of them more than once, according to the latest PAC study on cybersecurity. Faced with this constant danger, one might expect companies to do everything in their power to protect themselves. However, the PAC study reveals a catastrophic overestimation of companies' level of IT security maturity. According to the research firm, 41% of French companies are less mature in terms of cybersecuritý than they think, with 53% of companies surveyed declaring a high level of cybersecurity maturity. ... "

Credit: Bertrand Lemaire - Le Monde Informatique