" Cobolux was the victim of a violent cyber-attack in November, which it claims cost it almost 500,000 euros.

"The damage is great", Paul Faltz, General Manager of Cobolux, told us at the end of November. His company of around 150 employees, which supplies meat to butchers' shops throughout France and the Greater Region, supermarkets and restaurants, had just been hit by a violent cyber-attack. The attack, which took place on Friday November 25, brought the plant to a standstill for an entire weekend. Nearly three months later, the bill has soared.

While the loss at the time was "already in excess of 100,000 euros", it is now estimated at "between 400,000 and 500,000 euros", according to Paul Faltz, who lists "the production stoppages caused by this attack, the restoration of the network and our ERP (integrated management software), the hours, weeks and months spent by our administrative teams re-encoding the lost data, and the investment in an even more secure IT structure". There had been a ransom demand. "But our very good IT teams were able to react," Cobolux said at the time. ... "


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Credit: Nicolas MARTIN - L'Essentiel